Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Writing Prompt For Today

Write about your favoite candy bar as a child.

My favorite candy bar as a child was, Peanut Butter Twix. In fact, it still is my favorite. I am somewhat of a chocoholic. If there is chocolate in front of me, I will eat every bit of it in one sitting if I am not screamed at. My husband knows not to leave chocolate in plain sight around the house because if I get even the smallest craving he's knows it would be gone by the time he gets home from work.
So, truth be told, P.B. Twix is my favoirte, but really, I would eat any kind of chocolate that is in front of me, as long as it's chocolate it's pretty much on my list of favorites.

Writing this post is making me hungry. :-) More tomorrow, right now I have to search for some sugary goodness.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Writing Prompt For Today

I am going to attempt yet another story from a random writing prompt I find somewhere.

Write about a piece of clothing that was important to you at some point in your life.

A yellow and blue pajama top.

My husband bought me this top for Christmas 2006. It was the year I was pregnant with our son. We had decided not get get each other anything that year because the baby was more important and we didn't have a lot of money to spend. But on Christmas Eve he handed me a small gift bag and said, "I know it's not much, Merry Chirstmas, sweetheart." Anyone who knows me knows that, when I'm in the house, I spend most of my time in my pj. Why get dressed if your not going anywhere? That shirt was the first Chirstmas present I had gotten as a wife. Whenever I wear it to bed it makes me think of my thoughtful husband and beautiful son.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Writing Prompt For Today

Writing prompt taken from: http://www.creativewritingprompts.com/

A picture is worth more than a blank page. Take out those dusty photo albums. Pick out photo #14. Count however way you like, but make sure you stop at photo #14. Look at the photo for about 2 or 3 minutes. Then for 10 minutes, write all the feelings that photograph made you feel. Don't censor yourself, just write.

This picture was taken by my now brother-in-law at Radio City Music Hall during our trip to New York City in December of 2004. A year before, my brother, sister and myself had made the decision to start saving our money so we could go to New York during the holiday season. So, after months of saving, my sister and her fiance, my brother and his girlfriend, and my fiance and myself packed our stuff into a rental van and, after a quick run to the local coffee shop, begain the long journey to Manhattan. In the above picture our seats were on the third level and I am deathly afraid of heights. The whole time I was clutching the arm rests of my seat and praying that said seat didn't come unbolted and go flying toward the ground floor. Yes, I understand how crazy that sounds, but I am sure there are some of you out there who know exactly how I felt. I decided to find a focal point on the stage and kept my eyes on it the entire time, that was how I was able to stay in my seat the entire time and not run screaming out the door and into the lobby. I have to say that that trip was one of the best vactions of my life so far. We had some fights along the way and a lot of laughter and I really hope we are able to go back some day. So, to follow the directions of the writing prompt, these are my feelings: Laughter, excitement, extreme terror at the thought of falling to my death in the Radio City Music Hall, and amazement at the sights and sounds of New York City.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Writing Prompts

I have decided to look up writing prompts (one a day) and then write about it here. Here's my first one: Taken from www.creativewritingprompts.com

Close your eyes briefly. Think of one object that's in the room and focus on it. Without opening your eyes, recall as much detail as you can about it. After 3 minutes or so, open your eyes and write about that object witout looking at it.

A wooden rocking chair with yellow cushions.

That chair used to be in my grandparent's house and has just lately taken up residence in my own home. I remember walking into my grandparent's house and seeing my Aunt Margie sitting there smiling at me as I entered. She would always ask me what song I've learned in music class and I would sing it to her.

My grandmother had knee surgery last month and my parents took out my Aunt Margie's chair to make room for a lift chair. When they asked me if I wanted it, I almost screamed my answer. Now, my son, who, incidently, shares my Aunt Margie's birthday, my husband and myself have the great pleasure of seeing that chair every time we come in the living room. Although, my son and husband do not get nearly as much pleasure of seeing it as I do, but I do plan on telling my son the history of that chair and the connection he has with the woman who always occupied.